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For Mixing: Send me the files of the song(or songs) you would like mixed and the general direction you want me to go in. I will mix the song until I am complete to my standards. Then I’ll send you a MP3 or WAV for you to download and listen to your mix. If any adjustments or changes are needed,  simply call or email me. I will recall, update (with your change request) and send you your new adjusted, mix. We go back and forth like this (within reason) until you are happy with the way your record sounds.

For Production & Beats: Email me or contact manager (below)

Student Discount: If you are a currently in college, audio school, or some type of educational/training program, send me proof/copy of student ID for special student prices.  $250 for any record up to 24 tracks. $500 for anything over the 24 track count. And of course, recalls.

Indie / Non Label clients: $750 per song with a reasonable amount of recalls. Rate is negotiable, I will never turn down working on a great project, we can always figure out a fair rate!

Internship/Apprentice: Send your discography/resume to


Latia Ashley - Atlanta / Los Angeles

Cody Masino - New York

Jason Brown - Philadelphia


Robert LB Dorsey


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